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  • Oven Light Holder

    Oven Light Holder

    Oven light holder is produced by Haimen Xinrong Electric which has been focusing on the leading brand in the oven accessories industry for 20 years.This series oven light holder consists of three series:X555-54GH,X555-54GV,X555-54GX.They are all suitable for high temperature...Read More

  • Buy E14 Lamp Holder

    Buy E14 Lamp Holder

    Haimen xinrong electric co., ltd is specialized in producing various kinds of oven lamp holder, which is used for gas oven, electric oven, pure steam oven, steam oven and so on.The picture shows our latest product: the E14 oven lamp holder of the X555-54 serieswhich is...Read More

  • Oven Lamp Assembly For Cookers

    Oven Lamp Assembly For Cookers

    Oven Lamp Assembly for Cookers is also known as X555-43 series oven lamp holder.It is made up of three models:X555-43H,X555-43V,X555-43X.Read More

  • Cheap Ceramic Lamp Holder

    Cheap Ceramic Lamp Holder

    X555-42 series oven light housing is divided into 3 series:X555-42H,X555-42V,X555-42X.This series of oven light housing is also known as oven lamp holder which is cheap and high temperature resistant.Read More

  • Oven Lamp Holder And Glass Cover

    Oven Lamp Holder And Glass Cover

    X555-41A series oven lamp assembly consists of following parts: oven lamp socket,glass cover and other hardware accessories(can be equipped with oven light bulbs, please note).This is the complete assembly that holds the actual oven bulb as well as the glass.Read More

  • Housing For Oven Lamp

    Housing For Oven Lamp

    X555-41 series oven lamp housing is composite of three types: X555-41H,X555-41V,X555-41X.This series of housing for oven lamp also known as the oven lamp holder, is a part of the oven.Read More

  • Oven Light Housing

    Oven Light Housing

    X555-40 series oven light housing is produced by Haimen Xinrong Electric Co., Ltd.This series oven light housing consists of three models:X555-40H,X555-40X and X555-40V.All of the above three products can be exposed to high temperatures of 300 degrees.Read More

  • Oven Light Fitting

    Oven Light Fitting

    This series oven light fitting is usually used in 300 ~ 500 ° C high temperature equipment such as electric oven, kitchen burning gas, electric oven, oven lamps, high temperature light etc.It includes e14 ceramic lamp holder,stainless steel steel sleeve,high temperature glass...Read More

  • Oven Light Assembly

    Oven Light Assembly

    X555-38 series oven light assembly is supplied by Haimen Xinrong Electric Co., Ltd.Our company is a manufacturer specializing in the research, development and production of oven lamp holder and oven light assembly .We warmly welcome the masses of users to factory inspection...Read More

  • Oven Lamp Assembly

    Oven Lamp Assembly

    E14 WEC series oven lamp assembly is supplied by Haimen Xinrong Electric Co., Ltd.All of our products comply with international quality standards and are greatly appreciated in different markets throughout the world.We are looking forward to establishing successful business...Read More

  • Lamp Holder For Oven Lamp

    Lamp Holder For Oven Lamp

    Xinrong Electric is one of the leading manufactures of oven lamp holder which is located in Haimen,Jiangsu Province,China.We offer lamp holders for e14 oven lamp,e27 oven lamp and g9 oven lamp for customers all around the world.This X555-43 lamp holder is divided into three...Read More

  • E14 25 Watt Oven Lamp

    E14 25 Watt Oven Lamp

    Xinrong Electric also offer you the best price e14 25w oven bulb in China.Welcome to purchase our 25 watt oven lamp. This kind of oven bulb is vacuum or injection with inactive gas,and we use imported glue, resistance to high temperature soldering and high temperature...Read More

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