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halogen oven bulb life
- Jan 01, 2018 -

Different brands, different types of halogen oven bulb life is different, generally more than 600h.Halogen oven bulb life has a relationship with its voltage, current, and power.

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Halogen oven bulb life test is an international standard, the main follow is IEC60357, or GB14094.Generally it is lit at rated voltage and switched twice in 24 hours,at the same time,record the bulb life.

halogen oven light bulb .jpg

Specific bulb life has B50 / B3 distinction:B3 is the fourth dead bulb life in 100 halogen oven bulb.B50 is the 51st dead bulb life inside the 100 halogen oven bulb.Of course, in general, we can not test100 halogen oven bulb , so in practice we are calculated by Weber distribution.